St. Silas Orthodox Prison Fellowship Society Collection

St. Silas Orthodox Prison Fellowship Society Collection
On Sunday, June 24, 2018, we will be accepting offerings for the St. Silas Orthodox Prison Fellowship Society. This is a mission of the OCA in Canada.
In response to the Lord’s command to visit Him in prison, St Silas Orthodox Prison Fellowship Society is a non-profit group of Orthodox Christians dedicated to the following goals:

  1. Providing financial and material support for an Orthodox clergyman to engage in full-time Orthodox Christian prison ministry in the Canadian federal and provincial correctional system.
  1. Raising awareness of Orthodoxy’s unique beliefs and practices among federal and provincial Chaplains across Canada, as well as the Interfaith Committee that advises the Correctional Service of Canada.
  1. Supporting the religious education and practices of identified Orthodox Christian inmates across Canada through the provision of literature, sacred items, pastoral guidance, teaching, and liturgical services.

Currently, we are engaged in the following activities:

  1. A local volunteer, Subdeacon Symeon Price, offers an inquirer’s class in Orthodoxy twice a month at Mission Medium Institution in Mission, BC.
  1. Fr Richard Rene offers Divine Liturgy two Sundays of the month at Mission, accompanied by his wife, Presbytera Jaime, who leads music.

If you would like to donate to this important ministry, please indicate this CLEARLY on your envelope or cheque.