Fr. Michael Oleska: Speaking in Cranbrook 2019

Fr. Michael Oleska will be speaking on Cross cultural communication, the connections between Traditional Native spirituality and Orthodox Theology, Native storytelling and the Christian message, and Orthodox missionary work in Alaska in the 1800’s and the Orthodox North American Saints.
Fr. Michael 2019 poster
About Fr. Fr. Michael Oleska:
Some of you will remember <a href=””> Dr./Fr. Michael Oleksa</a> as the keynote  speaker at our “Healing Earth” seminar back in Oct. 2016. He is a world renowned speaker having spoken all around the world and constantly in North America, creating a 4 hour PBS series “Communicating Across Cultures.” He holds a PhD in  Cross Cultural Communication; and  is a recognized Elder with the Alaskan Federation of Natives (speaking several of the native Alaskan languages and married to his wife Xenia a Yupik native). He is an author of many books including his latest <a href=”″>“Everyday Wonders,”</a> and a gifted and wonderful storyteller specializing in wonderful stories learned by oral transmission from the various Alaskan native communities, and the stories of the early Orthodox Alaskan saints living in the 1800’s.
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Event times to be announced, for more info please contact Fr. Andrew 250-420-1582