As of the last BC govt. health directive, all churches services in BC . are cancelled. This order will be reviewed on Jan. 8, 2121. Click on the link below for current information.

St. Aidan Orthodox Church is complying with this order and has written a letter of protest regarding the blanket closing of all BC churches. Here is a link to our letter to the Health authorities. Letter to Bonnie Henry and Hon. Adrian Dix We have not received any reply from them, but remain hopeful that they will modify their blanket church closure order on Jan. 8.

If you would like to light a candle and pray in the church individually or with your family group, receive confession, or just arrange to meet with Fr. Andrew through zoom, phone, or in person (with proper Covid masking and distancing protocols in place) contact him at 250-420-1582 or Orthodox Christian education and book studies are also available either in groups or individual zoom sessions.