GoFundMe: Help Complete Historic St. Aidan Orthodox Church

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St. Aidan is a multi-ethnic, English speaking Orthodox Church in Cranbrook, British Columbia which is in the final stages of a major church addition and renovation that began in 2021. We are the only Orthodox Church in the Kootenay Region, and Calgary Alberta – 400k from us – is our closest Canadian Orthodox Church neighbor. This undertaking began for the sake of making our building accessibility friendly. The original budget for completion was +/- $700,000. Despite our small size, God blessed us, and we raised $840,000 in funds through donations ($380,000), grants ($230,000) and a mortgage ($230,000).

However, there has been a dramatic 40% inflationary increase in costs throughout the construction industry since we began, and we are experiencing this difference first-hand. We have a cost increase of $350,000 to complete our building project above our $700,000 budget (now: $1,050,000 total) and have exhausted all our building funds. The need is urgent as we are in the final stage and are scheduled to finish construction this July, but in our present financial situation, we will be out of funds to pay bills in May.

We are therefore reaching out to you, our friends and family, and brothers and sisters in Christ for help!

If you are willing and able to help, we would be most grateful!

It is not the magnitude of what you give or what you do for others.

The smallest rainbow in the tiniest dewdrop on the web of the smallest spider catches the sunlight the same as the biggest rain storm making the greatest rainbow arching across the sky.

Thank you for your prayers and donations, they are most appreciated!