After more than a year and a half of actual construction on the elevator and accessible bathroom addition/reorientation project, and 2 and a half years since conception, we are now back in our St. Aidan Church! Thanks to all of you who have worked, prayed, donated, and struggled with us as together with the blessing and grace of God we have undertaken this God pleasing work. Thank you and may God reward your efforts in heavenly currency!

Thank you to all who now continue with us in the second stage of this work by praying and contributing to paying off the debt incurred from the build.

Patron Saint Donations

One of our on-going fundraisers is a donation to the St. Aidan Orthodox Church Elevator Fund on your loved one’s Feast Days in their Patron Saint’s name.

On June 3rd, we celebrated the namesday of one of our own:

Happy Name’s Day to one of our founding members, who celebrates St. Kevin of Glendalough’s Feast Day today.

St. Kevin lived in the early 6th century, in the age of St. Columba. Raised in the Church, he eventually left his studies to live the monastic life as a hermit. This was a common practice in the Celtic Church, which was influenced by the lives of the Egyptian desert dwellers.

It is said that an angel led him to Glendalough (the Vale of the Two Lakes) where he lived in the hollow of a tree somewhere by the shores of the Upper Lake. The ascetic remained in this place for several days, living on wild herbs and water. A cow wandered off and came to the tree where the Saint was living, and began to lick his clothing. After some time had passed, the cow showed an unusual increase in its milk, so her owner told his herdsman follow the animal. She led him to Glendalough, and there the herdsman discovered Saint Kevin, weak with hunger, and hiding in the tree.

The herdsman had to remove Saint Kevin on a litter by force, since the holy ascetic did not wish to leave. As he was being carried off, the trees bent down to make way for them. Saint Kevin then bestowed his blessing on the forest. His three Elders came to bring him back to their monastery. Recognizing the holiness of his life, they understood that they had nothing more to teach him, so they blessed him to leave the monastery. Saint Kevin was ordained to the priesthood, and went with a few other monks to found a new church. He spent a little time converting people at Cluainduach, but later moved back to Glendalough.

GoFundMe: Historic St. Aidan Orthodox Church

Click on the image above to donate to our gofundme fundraiser!

St. Aidan is a multi-ethnic, English speaking Orthodox Church in Cranbrook, British Columbia. We are the only Orthodox Church in the Kootenay Region, and Calgary Alberta – 400k from us – is our closest Canadian Orthodox Church neighbor. This undertaking began for the sake of making our building accessibility friendly by adding an elevator and accessible bathroom. The original budget for completion was +/- $700,000. Despite our small size, God blessed us, and we raised $840,000 in funds through donations ($380,000), grants ($230,000) and a mortgage ($230,000).

However, there has been a dramatic 40% inflationary increase in costs throughout the construction industry since we began, and we are experiencing this difference first-hand. Thankfully, we were able to raise another $270,000 to complete the construction, for a total of $1,100,000. This has created a heavy debt load for us to pay each month and we are still a small church with a small income. We are holding fundraisers, and are also reaching out to you, our friends and family, and brothers and sisters in Christ for help!

If you are willing and able to help, we would be most grateful!

It is not the magnitude of what you give or what you do for others. The smallest rainbow in the tiniest dewdrop on the web of the smallest spider catches the sunlight the same as the biggest rainstorm making the greatest rainbow arching across the sky.

Thank you for your prayers and donations, they are most appreciated!