Orthodoxy 101 (An Introduction to Ancient Christianity)

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We will be using Fr. Barnabas Powell’s 16 session Video series “Journey to Fullness” as a teaching and discussion starter each Wednesday. They are 20 minutes long so the format will be to show a 20-minute video, have 20 minutes of discussion, show another 20-minute video and finish off with a 1/2 hour of discussion and tea and cookies. This way we will be able to complete the series in an 8-week period. Please call or e-mail me to sign up so I can make sure I have enough work books for everyone who comes. If you are interested in supplying some cookies for a session or two please let me know as well!

Check out a short 5 min. Video on the course here: https://youtu.be/a6J390hbMqI

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Journey to Fullness (Fr. Barnabas Powell) 16 lesson Outline (20 min. each)

Wed. Oct. 4: Lesson 1: “Is this trip really Necessary?  Lesson 2: What is the Orthodox Church?

Wed. Oct. 11: Lesson 3: When did Orthodoxy Begin? Lesson 4: Characteristics of Orthodox Christianity.

Wed. Oct. 18: Lesson 5: Mindset Matters, Lesson 6: A Healing Purpose.

Wed. Oct. 25: Lesson 7: Truth and Tradition, Lesson 8: How do I understand the Bible?

Wed. Nov. 1: Lesson 9: When we say God Part 1; Lesson 10: When we say God Part 2

Wed. Nov. 8: Lesson 11: God with us, Lesson 12: Our Ultimate Purpose

Wed. Nov. 15: Lesson 13: Salvation as Participation, Lesson 14: Orthodox Worship

Wed. Nov. 22: Lesson 15: A Beautiful Rhythm, Lesson 16: The Journey Continues