Through matter He communicated with creation

“We should remember the importance of the Incarnation. We understand as Christians that God has done something radical in becoming part of His creation – something beyond what is often discussed in modern Christian discourse. He has taken up matter itself and, in so doing, He has sanctified it; His nature – His very being – is intrinsically linked to material reality. By understanding this, we recognize that throughout Christ’s ministry, matter itself became a vehicle for His grace. Through matter He communicated with creation, but, more importantly, He HEALED it.

Therefore we must not cast aside the physical for the spiritual only, as if they were somehow completely separate, with the spiritual being holy and the physical profane; that would be heretical thinking. Matter matters! So we must begin (praying in the home) by setting up a physical space and making our pilgrimage to it in order to pray. That place is our prayer corner.”

– excerpt from our Lenten Book Study book by Fr. Armatas – Toolkit for Spiritual Growth: A Practical Guide to Prayer, Fasting, and Almsgiving.