Family Education

Children’s Education

Orthodoxy is a lived faith and children are included in services from the time they are born. They have roles to play in many parts of the services, can take in as much of the service as is age appropriate, and they can play quietly with their friends or read during the service.

After Holy Communion, during Sunday Liturgy, our Children’s Team volunteers do age-appropriate activities with the children. We currently have two groups – Children and Youth. The children are currently working their way through the ‘Story of Hope’ (lessons from the Old and New Testament). We have around 10 elementary-aged children and 3-4 upcoming toddlers and preschoolers attending regularly. Our Youth Club meets once a month for fellowship activities and will begin ‘Called to Serve’ by Fr. John Peck this Spring.

After lunch, while parents enjoy talking and fellowship, children can run around in the outdoor playground (supervised by the parents of the children using the playground) or play quietly in an indoor area with coloring and books.

Because Orthodoxy is a lived faith, home life is full of teaching moments. Coming to weekly services, prayers before meals, icon corners with your child’s patron saint, and celebrating Feast Days all surround your child with Orthodox traditions. Our Children’s Team and the child’s parents work together to make daily life a blessing.

Adult Education

Book Study

Tuesdays at 8pm. A mix of in-person and Zoom participants.

We are currently discussing the book “Money and Salvation” which does a great job of teaching the often misunderstood Orthodox teaching on this subject.

“Everything we have is from God and is God’s gift. The book also helps explain the great fruits and joy of understanding and living a life of generosity: the gift of an eternal life with God, beginning in our lives here and now. . . helping us, the faithful, to realize God’s plan for drawing us closer to him in all aspects of our lives, putting our treasure and first-fruits in God’s Kingdom rather than in the world.” (

Contact Father Andrew for more information at 1-250-420-1582 or

Orthodoxy 101

The 8-week Orthodoxy 101 education class, held in-person or on ZOOM, is a basic overview of who we are, explaining some basic similarities and differences between the Eastern Orthodox understanding of Christianity, the Western Roman Catholic and many-faceted Protestant understanding of Christianity and the Church;  our history, what we are “saved” into, why we worship as we do, the Orthodox understanding of God, the Bible and tradition, etc.

The format is to watch two 20-minute video’s from Fr. Barnabas Powell each session, and have a 20-minute discussion and Q and A period after each video. It takes about an hour and a half for each session.

Journey to Fullness (Fr. Barnabas Powell) 16 lesson Outline (20 min. each)

 1st week:  Lesson 1: Is this trip really Necessary?  Lesson 2: What is the Orthodox Church?

2nd week: Lesson 3: When did Orthodoxy Begin? Lesson 4: Characteristics of Orthodox Christianity.

3rd week: Lesson 5: Mindset Matters, Lesson 6: A Healing Purpose.

4th week: Lesson 7: Truth and Tradition, Lesson 8: How do I understand the Bible?

5th week: Lesson 9: When we say God Part 1; Lesson 10: When we say God Part 2

6th week: Lesson 11: God with us, Lesson 12: Our Ultimate Purpose

7th week: Lesson 13: Salvation as Participation, Lesson 14: Orthodox Worship

8th week: Lesson 15: A Beautiful Rhythm, Lesson 16: The Journey Continues