Pancake Sunday

This Sunday is Cheesefare Sunday. It is the day we say farewell to dairy products and begin the Lenten Fast in earnest. To this end households would use up their dairy and eggs and make some form of pancakes. In some Orthodox countries, these would be more like crepes, known as blinis, and would be served with both savory and sweet toppings.

This Sunday after liturgy, in keeping with tradition, we will be providing blinis for lunch and you are welcome to bring whatever toppings you would like. Some suggestions;

cream cheese


crumbled hardboiled eggs




peanut butter

lemon juice

anything else you might like to eat on a crepe

Deaconessa will be bringing smoked salmon. There is syrup and sugar already at the church.

After lunch we will have Forgiveness Vespers from 2-4pm.