St. Aidan Do-a-Thon Fundraiser

We are raising money for an elevator and accessible bathrooms. This session runs until Sept. 18th but you can join in at any time and then it will be available to do at home or with a group.

Click here to see photos of our progress:

Choose what you want do – walking, swimming, biking, piano practice, whatever works for you. Start date is June 12th, (but you can join any time), end date is Sept. 18th – 14 weeks. You can do 14 km/week, 14 laps, 14 blocks, 140 minutes, 14 lengths of the pool, whatever works. 14 weeks will get your habit in place and chances are that you will keep doing even after the do-a-thon is over. Send in photo updates of you doing your activity every week! Photos will be posted online and in emails, if you don’t want your face online, take a photo of your shoes or the path or whatever.

We are charting our progress on a map of Northumbria, where St. Aidan lived and taught as Bishop at Lindisfarne. Each week we move from one village to the next, tracking how much money we have raised each week.

Week 1 saw us starting at Whitby Abbey at the bottom end of Northumbria, then up along the coast to Hartlepool Abbey where we learned about St. Hilda, and then up to Tynemouth Monastery for Week 2.

Whitby Abbey

Then we went inland along the Tyne River, through Jarrow to Utta Abbey in Gateshead for Week 3 and over to River Derwent in Swalwell where we followed the Derwent Walking Trails southwest along River Derwent to Ebchester Monastery where we are learning about St. Ebba for Week 4.

Derwent Walking Trail

Week 5 will see us heading west to Hartwhistle, and then north on St. Oswald’s Way for Week’s 5 – 9.

Join the Do-a-Thon by sending an email to for a registration package, which includes maps and information.

Ebchester Image:

Derwent Walk Image: Alan Fearon, no changes