Patron Saint Fundraiser

One of our on-going fundraisers – Make a donation to the Church on your loved one’s Feast Days in their Patron Saint’s name.

On Nov. 24th, we celebrate the Happy Names Day of one of our ladies!

The Holy Great Martyr Katherine lived in Egypt in 310. She was the daughter of Cestus, a wealthy patrician of Alexandria, the capital of Egypt and metropolis of the arts and sciences. Taught by the best masters and most illustrious philosophers, she learnt while still a girl to follow complex lines of argument and obtained a perfect understanding of the philosophical systems of Plato, Aristotle and their followers. She also excelled in the literary sphere, was familiar with the works of all the great poets from Homer to Virgil and was capable of discussing every subject, in a variety of languages learned from scholars and foreign visitors to the great city. In her quest for knowledge, she had made herself acquainted with all the physical sciences, especially medicine, and there was no area of human wisdom beyond the range of her penetrating intellect. By the time she was eighteen, even the most learned scholars were in awe of her intellectual accomplishments.

She was instructed by an ascetic in the mysteries of the faith and he gave her new birth unto eternal life in the waters of Baptism. Katherine spoke out against the killing of Christians by Emperor Maximian at a pagan festival. Young and alone, but radiant with the grace of the Holy Spirit, she was in no fear of them, having been assured by the Archangel Michael in a vision that the Lord would speak through her mouth and cause her to overcome the wisdom of the world by the Wisdom that comes from on high. In that strength, Katherine showed up the errors and contradictions of Empires foremost oracles, poets and philosophers. They all became Christians because of her fervent faith as she tried to stop the killings, as well as hundreds more, including the Empress Augusta. All were martyred within 2 weeks.

Let us praise the most auspicious bride of Christ, the divine Katherine, protectress of Sinai, our aid and our help. For, she brilliantly silenced the eloquence of the impious by the sword of the spirit, and now, crowned as a martyr, she asks great mercy for all.


A donation has been made to the St. Aidan Orthodox Church Elevator Fund in the name of the Holy Great Martyr Katherine.