Thank You All!

After more than a year and a half of actual construction and 2 and a half years since conception, we have now officially completed our St. Aidan Church elevator and accessible bathroom addition/reorientation project!

Thanks to all of you who have worked, prayed, donated, and struggled with us as together with the blessing and grace of God we have completed this God pleasing work. Thank you and may God reward your efforts in heavenly currency! Thank you to all who now continue with us in the second stage of this work by praying and contributing to paying off the debt incurred from the build.

May god bless and draw His people to seek His face and worship Him in His Church here in Cranbrook and the East Kootenay for many generations to come.

Everyone cooking up a feast for our grand opening celebration Sept 23rd. The new kitchen works great! Used to be full with 3, ten wasn’t a problem. A huge thank you to all who have done so much to prepare for this event. The smoked brisket was a big hit. Expect inquiries about your technique, Dave!

And the acoustics in our new space are incredible. It is so vibrant and echo-heavy that without the carpets we would have to do slow Gregorian chant to avoid confusing sounds! It’s SO alive. We will have to get used it.