Sunday of Orthodoxy

Bring your favorite icon today to join in as we process around the church (weather permitting) or around the inside of the church. This is a 1200 year annual Orthodox celebration held continuously since 843!

This, the first Sunday of Great Lent, is called the Sunday of Orthodoxy because it commemorates the restoration of the Holy Icons and the triumph of the Orthodox Faith.

In the year 843, on the first Sunday of the Fast, Saint Theodora and her son, Emperor Michael, venerated the Holy Icons together with the clergy and the people. Since that time this event has been commemorated every year, because it was definitively determined that we do not worship the Icons, but we honor and glorify all the Saints who are depicted on them. We worship only the Triune God: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and no one else, neither a Saint, nor an Angel.