Garden Ministry

“Adorn your soul with the flower of virtues,

Sow the flower with faith in the Lord,

Enclose it with hope and love,

Water it with the Life-creating Spirit,

Weed it of the weeds of sins,

Let grow the flower of virtues,

Let grow the flower of piety,

Let grow the flower of charity,

Let grow the flower of repentance,

Let grow the flower of patience,

Let grow the flower of abstinence,

Let grow the flower of obedience.

As a hymn of Paradise, your soul is,

Let it smell like a garden in May.

And may God to dwell therein,

For which He created it.”

– St. Nikolai Velimirovich, from his hymn of praise of St Daria.

Our Garden Ministry is looking for two people to help as assistant coordinators, in planning, preparing, planting, harvesting and looking after the vegetable garden/flowers/greenhouse this coming 2024 season.

Our garden is not only for the Food Bank (although in 2023 we did donate 600 kg. of fresh produce) but also for our neighbours who pass by and enjoy looking at the progress of the Church Garden and grounds. Many stop to chat for minute or two.

If you are unable to commit the time to be an assistant coordinator, you could still help out with garden and landscaping planning (starting ASAP), seedling propagation, garden box preparation, planting, heavy lifting, compost management, weeding, irrigation installation, watering, harvesting, spring/fall clean up etc, etc… or plant a row in your garden to add to our weekly harvests.

Donations are also welcome since we do not have a budget or grant this year.

Things needed are: 1. Well rotted manure (free preferably, if you know a source) 2. Bags of mushroom compost, coarse wood mulch for pathway 3. Donations toward hardscaping materials 4. Bedding plants (please ask as per need) 5. Designated donations.